Writer familiar with Shakespeares Hamle

Hi I am looking for someone very familiar with Shakespeare's play Hamlet to write  a 3/4 page essay contrasting the characters Hamlet and Claudius. The essay should be clear and written as simply as possible and use some relevant quotes from the play. I need to learn this essay off by Monday so the language should not be too superfluous. I have some notes I can share but refining the essay so I can actually remember points and write a well written piece under pressure is the goal. Most notes out there are long winded and impossible to remember. I also need another longer essay written also about Hamlet (2 pages) and again the goal is for me to be able to remember it. I need someone who can do this work immediately and enjoys writing well constructed essays that flow well as I have to get learning! If you do the first essay quickly and well I can hire you to do the second one.

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