Women's criminality often linked to their victimization and traumatization according to Dirks

Women’s criminality often linked to their victimization and traumatization, according to Dirks. Dirks suggests we approach the issue of women in prisons by asking “how current structures and relations of power facilitate the incarceration of an increasingly high number of nonviolent women.” Do you agree? Do you disagree? Discuss by reflecting on Woman at Point Zero, after writing a short review on what the novel is about, and the key questions it addresses.

Your review should not be a mere summary of the book. You should identify and discuss the key argument(s) the author is making, and what you think about these arguments.

* Have you watched “Orange is the new Black”? If you have watched the series, reflect on one incident or character in light of the readings for this session.

*Try to link your analysis to what we have discussed in the previous sessions on intersectionality and on the politics of representation.

Use the questions above to guide your writing.

Please submit a maximum of 3 pages (700 words). Use Times New Roman 12pt font.

-Your writing should be clear, concise and free of grammatical and other mistakes


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