What organizations influence GAAP?

Paper is due on Monday Wednesday 9/18/17 at NOON PST


· Write a 500-750 word paper on the following topic:
· Fidelity Investments Company is a well-known mutual fund investment company. It makes investments worth billions of dollars in companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange and other stock markets. Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) are very important for Fidelity’s investment analysts.
What are GAAP?

· Why are financial statements that have been prepared in accordance with GAAP and audited by an independent CPA useful for Fidelity’s investment analysts?

· What organizations influence GAAP? Explain how they do so.
· Your paper must be formatted per APA 6th edition guidelines, and you need to use at least one external reference. Save word document as “Munson- R-ACCT100-8”.

· Ensure that all your references are cited correctly.

·  A TURNITIN report with a similarity index less than 25% is acceptable for undergraduate level work. 

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