what is the hybridization about this carbon atom?


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  1. What is the name of your compound?
  2. What is its chemical formula?
  3. What is its molar mass? Show your work.
  4. Write a balanced chemical equation using your compound.
  5. How many valence electrons does your compound have?
  6. Select one of the carbon atoms in your compound.
  7. What is the molecular geometry about this carbon atom in your compound?
  8. Using the same central carbon atom you used in part g, what is the hybridization about this carbon atom?
  9. What is the HDI (Hydrogen Deficiency Index) for your compound?
  10. How many sets of non-equivalent protons are present in your compound?
  11. What would be the multiplicity of each set of non-equivalent protons in your compound (singlet, doublet, etc.)?
  12. How many peaks would you predict would appear in the Carbon-13 NMR spectrum?
  13. Which carbon atom in your compound would you predict would be the farthest downfield in your C-13 Spectrum?
  14. What would be the m/z value for the molecular ion peak of your compound?

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