What is meant by ‘bacterial growth’?

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Here are the specific directions for the Module this week:

1) Review the information you have learned on the topic of microbial growth.

2) Design a 7-10 slide powerpoint presentation outlining the optimal conditions for bacterial growth. In your presentation, please include the following information:

1. What is meant by ‘bacterial growth’?

2. Describe the major factors that influence microbial growth, including:

– physical requirements for growt

– chemical requirements for growth

3. Discuss how in vitro (in a laboratory) bacterial growth conditions mimic those in the

natural environment (e.g. the human body or the environment)

Hint: discuss the conditions that Microbiologists use in a lab to grow bacteria, and

state how these conditions are very similar to a natural habitat, such as the

human body or the environment.

4. Provide and discuss at least 2 specific examples of how a pathogenic bacteria (i.e. a

disease-causing bacteria) can grow easily in a particular body location because

adequate nutrients, moisture, and temperature are available.

Hint: discuss 2 different bacterial species involved in human disease. For each, state

how the ability of the bacteria to cause disease in the human is influenced by

optimal conditions at a particular body sit

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