What is culture:define what you think “culture” is

Order instructions

  1. Define what you think “culture” is in one paragraph.
  2.  Describe some aspects about your culture, including how the circumstances of where you grew up, your family, school, identities, and wider society have shaped your culture.
  3. Write about an encounter with cultural difference (this could range from interacting with a neighbor from a different ethnic group or religion than yours to traveling or living in a different country).
  4. Describe that encounter and what made it intercultural, and how you initially felt about the encounter and why. Was there anything about the encounter that made you uncomfortable and why (or why not)?
  5. Describe any challenges you had communicating or understanding the other person, or if no challenges, why not.
  6. Did you become aware of any assumptions they held about others or vice versa?
  7. Describe how you felt after the encounter and why.
  8.  Describe one factor or characteristic that promotes a successful or rewarding intercultural encounter (maybe it was something you did, or something you realize you should have or should have not done).
  9.   What did you learn from their intercultural encounter that might help them navigate a similar encounter in the future?

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