What elements underlay the Japanese economic policy during the Meiji period?

1) “Initially, China saw little reason to open up their country to European diplomats.” True False 2) What was the result of the end of the British East India Company’s monopoly of the China trade in 1833? A) A political crisis resulted in England. B) The British East India Company went bankrupt. C) It allowed the opium trade to grow. D) It catalyzed a financial collapse in China. 3) “The Empress Dowager Cixi both helped and hindered the self-strengthening faction in the Qing court.” A) True B) False 4) Why was China not carved up into exclusive spheres by different imperial powers? A) China still had the power to resist such an action. B) Existing profits from the China trade were so high, there was no need. C) The European powers could not allow Japan to grow any more powerful. D) The United States and Britian proposed an “Open Door” policy. 5) What country “opened” Japan? A) The United States B) Britain C) Portugal D) France 6) How did the Meiji government move to consolidate the new political order? (check all that apply) A) Conscript army created B) Dismantled the feudal han and daimyo C) Public school system created D) Samuari disbanded 7) “Under pressure from Europe, Japan, and the United States, social life in China, and especially the family, underwent a dramatic transformation.” True False 8) What elements underlay the Japanese economic policy during the Meiji period? (check all that apply) A) Ensure Japanese ownership of business. B) Invest primarily in banking, fishing, and high technology. C) Minimize imports, maximize exports. D) Commitment to a free-market stock exchange. 9) Which country did Japan model its constitution upon? A) Germany B) Britain C) The United States D) France

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