What development allowed European progress toward circumnavigating Africa?

1) “While some West African rulers saw the slave trade with Europeans as a path to wealth and power, most tried to resist the trade.” True False 2) Control of what commodity accounted for the rise of the Songhay (Songhai) Empire? Oil Gold Cotton Slaves 3) What development allowed European progress toward circumnavigating Africa? The Dreadnaught-class vessel The discovery of return route from the West African coast An alliance with Ethiopia The discovery of Houyhnhnm Island which allowed reprovisioning 4) “Ethiopia was one of the last remaining Christian Kingdoms in Africa when contacted by Portugal.” True False 5) “Most of the African slaves taken from Africa were captured by European raiding parties.” True False 6) Which African nation retained the most autonomy during the slave trade with Europeans? Benin Kongo Ndongo 7) How many Africans were shipped to the Americas in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade? 5.8 million 16.3 million 12.5 million 1.4 million 8) What percentage of slaves died crossing the Atlantic? 3% 12% 8% 5% 9) Why did Europeans turn to African slave labor? (check all that apply) African slaves had no place to run to in the Americas. African slaves were used to tropical conditions. The native population was decimated by disease. Africans had similar disease immunities to Europeans. 10) What was the approximate life expectancy of a slave in a sugar plantation? 10 years 6 years 1 year 27 years 11) In what year were the first slaves sold to the mainland English colonies in North America? 1619 1605 1622 1612 12) “Established as a colony with slavery, Georgia quickly went on to develop large crops of rice, sugar, and indigo.” True False

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