What current/contemporary social issue or problem that you are passionate about needs a solution?

Consider such issues as:
racial or gender inequality (manifested through unequal treatment, unequal employment opportunities, wages, violence, etc)
war and terrorism (consider a discussion of US involvement overseas, Syrian refugees, etc)
privacy vs. security – to what extent should the US subvert citizens’ right to privacy in the name of security?
Food – GMOs, processed foods, labeling laws, chemical/ingredient bans, etc


For your paper, you will research contemporary scholarly articles that are both recent, relevant and cover the spectrum of opposing views with regard to your issue. You must research a minimum of SIX scholarly articles published recently. If the topic/issue you have chosen is a recent issue or crisis, then your articles should be similarly recent (that is, published within the last year or two). Make sure that all of your articles have been published within the last ten years. These articles will be found through the SMC Research library database. You will read articles, complete an annotated bibliography, and then use your research to draft an outline and your research paper.

Research Content

Your paper must thoroughly explain the specifics of the issue you have selected. You should address the causes or various differential diagnosis elements of your issue as well as historical context so the audience understands why and how it became a problem. You should include abundant information, statistics, quotes that are both CURRENT and CREDIBLE and demonstrate:

1. Your thorough grasp of the issue

2. Compelling need that will move the audience to a place of great concern for addressing the problem (think about what information to include that will shock, grieve, anger, rally the audience to action)


Your research paper should be a properly formatted MLA style research paper. You will include a cover page with your title, name, date, my name and the name of our course. The content of the paper should be 8-10 pages long, double-spaced, with page numbers and your last name heading on each page (do NOT double space the heading). At the end, you must include a properly formatted Works Cited page. Therefore, the entire packet of information can be a minimum of 10 pages (including cover page and works cited) or a maximum of 12 pages.

Annotated Bibliography

An annotated Bibliography is a document that uses MLA format to properly cite your research source articles and then comment on the content and quality of the source.

For each article, write the correct MLA citation and then write a paragraph that summarizes the content of the article and then evaluating the quality and credibility of the source. The commentary must be in your own words. Be sure to comment on the scope of the content that the author uses in order to explain how this article is relevant for your research purposes. Does it examine the most important aspects of your issue or is it a general overview? Why did you select this article? Consider how you can synthesize the information from each article into your overall research paper.

**IMPORTANT NOTE – the summary/comment paragraph on the source article MUST be in your own words. DO NOT COPY ANYTHING FROM THE ARTICLE ABSTRACT in the research database. You will receive zero credit for the annotated bibliography if the paragraph is not in your own words.


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