What are the primary drivers to start a Partnership with suppliers?

The subject of my dissertation is: What are the primary drivers to start a Partnership with suppliers? (partnership, meaning a Partnership were both parties financial invest, take risk and share profit).

Not being a native speaker and not being a typical triple-A student (I have worked and studied very hard to come until here), I would like to ask you to refine – rewrite my writing, applying more academical language to the dissertation, maybe add relevant sources (please supply the source of the document and try to use Academic sources preferable) and have like a two chronological chapters that make sense and are significantly linked to each other. Please check of my outcome and critique regarding the topic is correct, if not feel free to change this to a more cohesive and consistent text.

I need an Academic writer with lots of experience in the field of dissertations. Procurement knowledge is also added value, and knowledge of partnerships is too. Preferable a writer that has published several Academic publications and is more then familiar with the University requirements.

Please only use directly referenced quotes between brackets (” text “). Harvard Reference style needs to be applied.

You don’t have to take notice of other parts of the dissertation as these are not yet ready and in draft modus.

I will adjust and fine tune these in a later stadium. I also will adjust the references as they are now not in the correct alphabetical order.

Total of 16 pages (for now to check and add value to). I need the results per next weekend.

If you think you can help me with the right writer (experienced writer of dissertations University style), then please create a quote for me and I will respond as soon as I can.

Please keep in mind that I will ask you for support for the last difficult chapter as well (conclusions and recommendations) which should be the link between the literature review and the methodology.

Looking forward to you response, attached my draft of the above mentioned two chapters (literature review and methodology).

Kind regards


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