What are the long-term investment objectives of Harvard Management Company (HMC)?

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  1. What returns does it expect? How much risk it is ready to take? What are the factors that determine these long-term risk and return objectives?
    2.    How well have HMC performed over the years?
    3.    Was Jane Mendillo right in spending much time and effort on developing a “Policy Portfolio”?
    4.    What factors might explain the changes in the actual asset mix of HMC between 1992 and 2010 as shown in Exhibit 3?
    5.    Carefully review the various steps involved in the quantitative analysis that HMC has conducted (explained under the title “The Optimal Portfolio Allocation Study” on page 7) to determine an appropriate Policy Portfolio. What are the key quantitative inputs? What are the outputs? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this analysis?
    6.    As a Board member of HMC, which of the asset mix would you suggest HMC to adopt from amongst the ones presented in Exhibit 19? Why?

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