What are the features and architecture of SNMP (including v1, v2, and v3)?

15. What is major drawback of anomaly detection IDS? A. These are very slow at detection B. It generates many false alarms C. It doesn’t detect novel attacks D. None of these

III. Please answer the following questions in details (8 points each)

(1) What are the features of Software Defined Network (SDN) and how does SDN separate software from hardware?

(2) What are the features and architecture of SNMP (including v1, v2, and v3)?

(3) What are the features of Resource ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP)?

(4) Does the malware reside on the host and perform hacking remotely? Explain.

(5) Compare the difference between IPv4 and IPv6 security.

IV. Please explain the following concepts (5 points each)

(1) What is IDS and its difference from IPS?

(2) What is VPN and what are the types of VPN?

(3) What is DFCP and how it is related to QoS?

(4) Explain the differences between Fog Computing and Cloud Computing.

(5) Which layer(s) carry out QoS execution? And what are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to QoS?

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