.What are the differences between ice caps and glaciers?

1.Explain how the temperature difference between the poles and the equator drives the motion of the oceans and atmosphere. 2.What are the differences between ice caps and glaciers? 3.How do ocean currents affect local climate? 4.Why do we call groundwater in most areas a “nonrenewable resource”? 5.What is the Gulf Stream? 6.What countries are directly affected by the path of the Gulf Stream? 7.Find out what kind of rock is below the soil in your town. How did you find out this information? 8.Give an example of an ecosystem near your home. Describe how energy flows through this ecosystem. 9.How many different trophic levels were represented in your last meal? 10.What is the ozone layer? Where is it located? Why is it important to life on Earth? 11.What steps would have to be taken to reduce the severity of the greenhouse effect? 12.Where do electric cars obtain their energy? Is it true they do not generate pollution because they have batteries?

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