Western art history 1B, you can pick the topic, from 15 century to 18th


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Where do I begin?
What period are you curious about? Your topic is completely up to you but it must related directly back to the curriculum of our class, or your museum visit and it must be a research project.
Here is your timeline :
April 23 – Topic Due (you will type in a description of your topic in the dropbox) with 3 Learning objectives
May 24 – Final Paper Due – Submit paper by cutting and pasting in Paper dropbox AND by attaching in the box under Lessons on ANGEL
Paper Requirements :
The paper should be 4 pages long at minimum?double spaced 10 font.
1. Here are your possible topics:
a) art as a social tool
b) art as propaganda
c) art and society
Once you have decided on the category, you will need to narrow it down to one or two pieces of art and craft the topic into a research paper that deals with any aspect of the above topics.
2. Examples: How did the Naramsin Stela function as a piece of propaganda within the culture?
What was the role of art in Sumerian culture ? Talk specifically about two or three pieces.
How did Akhenaten use art as a means of conveying new social and religious values?
Choose a piece or pieces you are interested in, fascinated by, or would like to learn more about.
You must decide on a thesis statement. A thesis statement is what your paper will be about.. As this is a research paper you will need to research information about the pieces that will confirm, support, or prove your thesis.
a. Drop your paper thesis in the research paper topic dropbox in this folder. by April 23 at 11:55 pm. with three Learning Objectives.
what are learning objectives?
Knowledge: What the reader should know and understand by the time s/he reads the research paper.
It is useful to identify the knowledge the reader should gain by writing “learning objective” sentences that begin:
Reader will be able to . . .
identify and trace the development of _____ literature from _____ to _____ (English)
discuss, interpret, and ascribe meaning to the following set of data (Math)
explain global issues related to water (Science)
Each learning objective example above uses a verb which defines a piece of knowledge in a particular area. As you create your learning objectives think in terms of what evidence students would provide to demonstrate a level of mastery of the objective?
3. Technical details:
A minimum of 4 Pages, objective paper with footnotes and bibliography.
The footnotes and bibliography must be rendered in Turabian style OR MLA. Please use the links below to Turabian citation guides.
You will need at least 4 sources : at least 1 scholarly journal, 1 credible website, one actual book.
what is a scholarly journal? You can find these journals in online research under Proquest or ABI inform. Remember you can access all research databases from home by going to the library section of the WVC site and by clicking on off-campus access.
what is considered a credible website?
Tips for assessing the credibility of online information
Does the Web site provide references for research that can be independently verified?
Are authors identified? Are their affiliations, credentials, and contact information provided?
Who owns or is responsible for the Web site? Is a physical address and complete contact information provided?
Does the site describe its mission? Are staff members identified?
Does the site carry advertising? If it is run by a not-for-profit organization, are its sources of funding identified?
Is the site professional in appearance and quality? How recently has it been updated? Is it free from typographical and grammatical errors?
Based on Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility.
what is meant by “actual” book? not a text book , but an actual physical book that is relevant to your topic
the name of the book is ART HISTORY VOLUME 2 by Marilyn Stokstad

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