Week 4


Answer the following two questions and then discuss your library article. Please find an article with an "author", not just an internet site.
Which individual characteristics impact ethical beliefs, sensitivities, intentions, and behaviors? Use key terms from our text to support your thoughts.
Describe Icek Ajzen?s theory of planned behavior. How does this relate to other material in our text this week?Use specific terms from our text to support your link to the material in our text.
Lastly, search the Internet or our library for material that relates to the above questions and discuss how the article helped you understand the discussion question better? What did the article say, how does it relate
to our discussion question. Cite your sources.
Use the following book Chapters 5 & 6 to answer these questions.
Collins, Denis. Business Ethics: How to Design and Manage Ethical Organizations. John Wiley & Sons, 09/2011. VitalBook file.

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