water and waste water engineering

The town of Eau Gaullie has requested proposals for a new coagulation water treatment plant. The design flow for the plant is 0.1065 m 3 /s. The average annual water temperature is 19°C. The following design assumptions for a rapid-mix tank have been made:

1. Number of tanks = 1 (with 1 backup spare)

2. Tank configuration: circular with liquid depth = 2 x diameter

3. Detention time = 10 s

4. Velocity gradient = 800 s-1

5. Impeller type: turbine, 6 flat blades, Np = 5.7

6. Available impeller diameters: 0.45, 0.60, and 1.2 m

7. Assume B = (1/3) H

Design the rapid-mix system by providing the following:

1. Water power input in kW

2. Tank dimensions in m

3. Diameter of the impeller in m

4. Rotational speed of impeller in rpm

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