W6 Replies – Leading with Vales

This exercise is to examine the ethical values displayed in various organizations, and view such in light of Scripture, the course text, and scholarly research.
For this assignment, reply to two students papers. Their papers are uploaded as RO and RS (two separate papers). The replies to RO amd RS must be at least 275 words. All replies must clearly link to the original author’s paper, contribute new information, and be supported by the scholarly resources. In addition, the replies must advance the conversation further by providing new ideas and insights, asking probing questions that get to the heart of critical issues, and share from one’s personal and professional experience. Also, offer a full critical review of each student’s work as well as discuss the case and the underlying issues. Include personal feedback and depth in each response. Avoid the use of direct quotations unless absolutely required.

Further Instructions

Ensure that you develop the concepts and move towards specifics and integrate research as appropriate. I also request that you be carefuldiplomatic in your words. Also, inlcude specific examples back to the case (i.e. further development of concepts), along with support from literature as appropriate. 

Interpret it all Scripture that you use and specifically apply it to the casediscussion. 

The paper must be in U.S. English. 

For the purposes of citations, each reply to each student’s paper must include:

o At least 2 scholarly article (the text and the Bible do not count); 
o One quote from the textbook Hess & Cameron, Leading with Values (2006) – chapter 6 (uploaded)
o One quote from the textbook Rae, S. B. & Wong, K. L. (2012). Beyond Integrity: A Judeo-Christian Approach to Business Ethics. 3rd ed. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. (Chapters 6 and 7 – uploaded) 
o A relevant business article (any article from a reputable business source—website, magazine, book, etc.—that discusses a relevant business/ethical published withing the last three years. 
The replies must be in current APA format (6th edition) and must include a reference page under each student paper. 

Important: Label your paper with the student initials that you are responding to. For example, if you are responding to RO paper then write “this response is for RO”. In addition, each response to each student paper must have their own references. Do not combine all the references for all students at the end of the paper. Place the appropriate references under the applicable student’s response. 

In addition, the paper must meet the following standards:

• RO and RS replies meet the minimum word count of 275 thorough and convincing words. 

• The content of the paper is well developed and fully addresses all aspects of the assignment.

• The paper is written well and is fluid, well organized, and engaging.

• The sources are adequate and substantial for the paper and include the required amount for each reply.

• For each reply, provide integration of a biblical concept that supports your reponse. Biblical integration is more than just quoting a verse. Be sure to explain the biblical principle seen in the verse and how that principle may be applied to the issue at hand.

• The clarity and mechanics contribute to discussion with clear, concise comments formatted in an easy to read style that is free of mechanical errors such as grammar and/or spelling. Current APA format 6th edition is applied correctly. 

Biblical integration: 
Provide integration of a biblical concept that supports the answer to the Case Study question. . Biblical integration is more than just quoting a verse. Be sure to explain the biblical principle seen in the verse and how that principle may be applied to the issue at hand.

The Bible, NIV, KJV, and NKJV are all acceptable for the assignment.
Using current APA format, list all references used in the paper.

Important requirement: the paper that you upload paper must contain a statement that it meets or exceed all standards as provided in the aforementioned instructions. 

Additional Information: 

RO and RS were asked to follow the instructions below and their papers (that I uploaded) should be based upon these instructions: 

Our reading for this assignment explored the global environment and the unique challenges presented to ethical leaders when doing business overseas. With this in mind, read Hess & Cameron, Leading with Values (2006) – chapter 6 (uploaded) as they looked at a manager who sought to practice value-based leadership in a typical business environment. For this paper, answer the following questions:

1. Sarah exhibited a number of actions – large and small – that impacted her immediate environment. How do these actions reflect a leader’s values? How can leaders help develop a culture that encourages this type of approach?
2. What biblical connections can be made to the values displayed by Sarah? Are these values discussed in current business/organizational literature?

As you answer these questions, move past offering information and into analysis and synthesis. In this manner, you move to a higher order of thinking and writing that reveals your insights on the topic. In addition, respond clearly to the questions with a full answer and analysis. 
The textbook is:
Hess & Cameron, Leading with Values (2006)


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