Using Social and Technological factors in PESTLE forces to analyze and discus




Using Social and Technological factors in PESTLE forces to analyze and discuss International organization IKEA, how this organization is successful.


Areas that you may want to consider are:

How does the organization use Social and Technological to offer their products or service to their customers?

How has your organization managed to use the Social and Technological to their advantage or how have they overcome negative forces?

How does the organization use technology to develop their international strategy or benefit their customers?

… …



  • This is only one part of the essay. Using S and T in PESTL forces to analyse and discuss International organization IKEA will be enough.   Length: 600 words


  • Use at least 4 peer-reviewed publications (journal papers, monographs).

Please note that peer reviewed articles are not newspapers, trade press, government reports, company own websites etc. You may use these in addition to the peer-reviewed articles. You can access all the required articles via the e-library.



  • Use the Harvard referencing system.


  • Structure of each argument:
  • Topic sentence/ Claim (argument)
  • Evidence
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