Urban Planning


Answer questions only on paper. Don’t put questions. Please save your answers in a Word file.

The assignment is due by 5 pm, Friday, February 26, 2016. 

Late work will not be accepted without a valid medical excuse. 

Part I: Short Answer Questions
You must answer he following questions (each question is worth 3 points). Answers should be approximately 100 – 250 words. 

1. Describe Alonso’s Agricultural Model and why this is important for understanding land uses in the 21st century. 

2. Describe how the Sector Concept varies from the Concentric Zone Concept. 

3. Describe three of the five elements that make up an Edge City.

4. What and where was the White City and what type of planning movement did it represent? Who was responsible for it’s construction? 

5. Describe the town-country magnet. Who came up with the idea? 

6. Who was Le Corbusier and what were his ideas? 

7. Describe a Broadacre City. 

8. Describe the six factors for the end of automobile dependence. 

9. According to Newman and Kenworthy, is there any evidence for the end of automobile dependence in predominately wealthy cities? 

10. What is peak car use? 

11. What is decoupling and is there evidence of it in China? 

12. What did the Toll Roads and Free Roads report recommend? 

13. What was the neglected vision of urban designers in the 1950s? 

14. How was cost benefit analysis used by highway planners? 

15. Describe three of Ewing’s four characterization’s of sprawl. 

16. Describe two of Ewing’s criticisms of Gordon and Richardon’s article.

17. Describe Gordon and Richardson’s views on compact development.

18. How does Calthrope redefine the American dream? 

19. What does the data say with respect to what American’s want for housing 

20. What are the benefits of reshaping metropolitan America according to Nelson? 

Part III: Long Essay Question
You must answer each of the following questions (each question is worth 20 points). Your answer for each question should be approximately 500 – 750 words. 

21. What can American cities learn from global cities in ending automobile dependence and why is decoupling so important? 

22. Nelson describes an agenda to reshape metropolitan America. What does his new paradigm include? Describe how the Miami metropolitan area can plan for this new future direction.


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