Unit 3 (Subjugated Knowledges) and Unit 4 (Postmodern Critiques of Knowledge

Hello dear read the upload file from 39page – 70page. Provide detail and support your points with illustrations from the course material (units and readings). Please note that you must provide authors’ last namesand page numbersin parenthesis if you are quoting or paraphrasing. Also, all quotes must be placed in quotation marks. There is no need to provide a bibliography if you are only referencing course material.

QUESTION: Describe some of the comments, critiques, and insights that the authors of your assigned readings for Unit 3 bring to feminist epistemology from non-white or non-Western perspectives. Why is it so important to attend to the experiences and include the voices of women of colour and women living outside of Western society? In what ways has postmodernism encouraged attendance to the experiences of such socially marginalized groups of women?


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