Understanding Neighborhood Context, Social Status and Stress

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Despite the emphasize on individual’s levels of functioning on mental health outcomes, social work considers the extent to which individuals are nested in particular contexts that influence a variety of social and health related outcomes. Therefore, understanding the environment and factors likely to impact overall levels of functioning are important. Conduct the following assessment:

  •   Compare and contrast the two communities. What differences do you observe?
  • What are the potential implications for these differences?
  • Identify patterns or trends in these populations and community statistics that requires some consideration as it relates to mental health.
  • Which populations statistic standout to you the most?
  • What is your rationale for this observation?
  • Compare and contrast the types of stressors these populations may be exposed to and its potential impact on mental health functioning. For example, what might a high density of veterans in a specific part of the community indicate?
  • What types of stressors might they be exposed to (based on existing research) that relate to their mental health?
  • Reflect on the stress process model, what helps to explain the observations that you have made in # 3. Are there existing theoretical explanations?

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