Trump Foreign Policy

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  1. In essence, according to the 4P framework, the national interest of the U.S. with regard to foreign policy can be analyzed in terms of four core goals embedded in any decision-making process: Power, Peace, Prosperity, and Principles. Sometimes, all four goals can be satisfied through the same policy; more often, they pose trade-offs and tensions, and sometimes, major dissensus.
  2. How would you assess Trump’s current foreign policy applying the 4P framework? Use guiding questions below:
    Power – Is America likely to gain more power in foreign affairs under Trump’s presidency?
  3. In other words, is it likely to have more influence over other states’ decisions? Why or why not?
  4. Peace – Under Trump’s administration, should we expect to see progress in the resolution of conflicts in which the United States is (directly or indirectly) involved? Why or why not?
  5. Prosperity – Are we likely to see gains for the American economy (from policies that help provide reliable and low-cost imports, growing markets for American exports, profitable foreign investments, and other international economic opportunities)?
  6. Principles – Will the American values, ideals, and beliefs be reinforced and strengthened under Trump’s leadership? In other words, when trade-offs have to be made, is “right” is likely to be chosen over “might?”

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