Trimalchio, the fictional host in Petronius’s text


Write a paper with a THESIS STATEMENT and ARGUMENT. Paper will be a response to one of the questions provided, with your answer serving as your thesis statement.
Trimalchio, the fictional host in Petronius’s text, was offensive to the narrator of the text in part because he went against the values of Roman society. Based on this story, what DID Roman’s (or at least the narrator) value? Why was Trimalchio an insult to that
value? Focus on one value. This is a paper about Petronius’s text.
Use parenthetical citation, rather than the Chicago style citation historians prefer. That is, cite as follows: (Petronius, 47)
Guidelines for this paper:
• Is there a thesis statement? Is it a clear and strong thesis statement? Is it where it should
be, at the end of the first paragraph?
• Does the body offer evidence supporting the thesis?
• Does each paragraph advance a mini-argument?
• Does each paragraph support the thesis?
• Does the conclusion summarize the argument?
• Do the paragraphs follow in a logical order and lead to the conclusion?
• Are facts, dates, quotes correct? Are they used in appropriate places? Are they cited?
• Are quotes properly explained?
• Does the paper answer the question posed (if you were asked to respond to a question)?

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