Transfer admission essay

Please provide a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve. You can type directly into the box, or you can paste text from another source. (250-650 words):

Year 2015 was a very important time in my life. I finally graduated from high school in Russia and came to the United States in order to pursue my desire to study Theoretical Physics. Once arrived in Seattle I had two options: to take a gap year and apply to college as a freshman student or to start taking classes straight away and apply as a transfer student later. I have a true passion for physics, and waiting another year for enrollment was the last thing I wanted to do. So I decided to take a risk and signed up for my first credit class at the University of Washington as a non-matriculated student in Fall 2015, and next quarter I went to community college.

Currently, I am a full-time student at the Seattle Central College, and concurrently taking advanced courses at UW as a non-matriculated student. Back in high-school, I covered almost all introductory college-level courses in math and physics. It allowed me to be placed into advanced UW Honors math and physics courses straight away, and now it became the main reason I have to transfer. This is my first quarter in community college, and I have already covered almost all math and physics courses they can offer. Of course, I could keep taking advanced courses at the UW, but usually, classes here don’t have space for non-matriculated students, and some courses don’t even allow them enrolling at all.

Bachelor’s degree is only a first step for me. I plan to take all courses in physics and math that I will be able to take as an undergraduate student. Because of advanced placement most likely I will be done with all undergraduate courses approximately a year earlier than other students. After that, I hope to take one – two years and dedicate them completely to the undergraduate research in Physics. I hope to publish at least a couple of papers these years. That will give me a research experience for graduate school and become a good starting point in my science career.




















Tell us what you’d like to major in at Cornell, and why or how your past academic or work experience influenced your decision, and how transferring to Cornell would further your academic interests. (Please limit your response to 650 words.) :

The world of modern Physics is a very strange place. Space and time can shrink and stretch, physical particles behave as waves, and results of experiments depend on the presence of an observer. I find it absolutely astounding how deep we can get into fundamental laws of the Universe with a help of mathematics, and the fact that there are still plenty of things to be discovered wakes curiosity inside of me. Even though I will major in physics, as an undergraduate I plan to take as many math courses as possible, and maybe will even do a double major. I am interested in quantum physics, elementary particle physics, cosmology, real analysis, complex analysis, and pretty much everything related to theoretical physics and math. But most of all I am excited about Electromagnetism, Special and General theories of relativity. There are still many unsolved problems related to the last one: dark energy, dark matter and integration with quantum theory, which has been a physicists’ dream for almost a hundred years already.

One of the main reasons I chose the University of Michigan over other universities are MATH 295 and MATH 296 “Honors Mathematics” courses. As far as I can tell from the syllabus and past years exams, this sequence of courses is almost identical to the sequence of honors calculus I am currently taking at the University of Washington. And what is even more important – at UMICH, you have a continuation of this sequence: MATH 395 and MATH 396 “Honors Analysis”, which are not offered at UW. UMICH is the only university I know that offers so many honors courses in math and physics. That was my main criteria for choosing a school because I want to understand the subject as deep as possible. In addition, UMICH has a very big variety of advanced courses, which is also important for me since the lack of advanced courses is the reason I have to transfer in first place.

UMICH is considered to be one of the world’s leading universities in Physics and Math. I don’t care about a prestige, but recognition of the university tells me that the quality of courses and faculty should be among the best in the world. I should also want to point out that I like the competitive spirit of Physics Department at UMICH. I counted 9 different undergraduate physics awards and scholarships on the UMICH Physics department website. Especially, I find interesting the “Wirt and Marry Cornwell Prize” and the “William L.Williams Award”. I will definitely compete for these two.

These were the main reasons why I think the University of Michigan is a perfect fit for me. I am very excited for the time I will start taking classes and doing research there, and I hope I will become a part of UMICH’s community.












Please indicate if your progression through secondary school was or will be delayed or interrupted in any way (250 words max):

In the Winter 2013, I returned to Russia after studying 4 years abroad.Since I skipped 4 years of material in Russian school such as Russian language and literature I had to go one grade down: from 10th grade to the 9th grade. After studying in Russian high-school for half a year (at this time I just finished 9th grade for the second time), I realized that I am wasting my time. I wanted somehow finish last two grades of the high school (10th and 11th grades) in a single academic year in order to compensate the time I wasted. On the Summer break, I found a high school which offers this option. Basically, it was a high school inside a maritime academy (I lived in a city with a big harbor). They had an accelerated program which covered all the material of 10th and 11th grade in a single year. At the end, we had to take “Unified National Examination”. Students who passed it received the same high school diploma as they would in any other high school. I managed to complete all required exams and graduate from the high school that year with 4.0 GPA.



























            Please provide an answer below if you wish to provide details of circumstances or qualifications not reflected in the application:

I didn’t find a place to tell a little about my background, so in case you are interested, I am just going to leave it here.

I come from a partly Jewish, partly Russian family with three kids: me and my two older sisters. I lived in the city Novorossiysk, Russia until I was twelve years old. When I was in the 6th grade my parents moved to Boston, and I went to the American secondary school. Nine months later my parents decided to move again – now to Israel, where my older sisters were living. At that time I didn’t know a single word in Hebrew, so my 8th year of a secondary school I spent in a special class designed for immigrants. Later, in the middle of the 10th grade, my parents again decided to move back to Russia. That time I already had the option to stay, but I decided that it is going to be better for my future to graduate from the Russian high-school. Due to so many movings and other circumstances I changed 10 different secondary schools in my life. All these constant changes have definitely made me different from other people because I had to learn how to adapt to new communities and cultures. I believe, I am very lucky that I had a chance to travel that much in my 17 years, and I’m looking forward to even more adventures in the future.



I didn’t ask my professors to write a recommendation on my behalf, but if you want to have additional information about me than it is not a problem at all. Just email me (or call), and I will ask them that same day. I didn’t take SAT exam (in Russia we have another high-school examination), but my Toefl score should arrive soon. If you will need any additional information-feel free to contact me.

Common Application didn’t allow me to fill in more than three secondary schools, so I will leave full list of my secondary schools at the end of this page in case you need it. Also, Common Application didn’t allow me to fill in so many planned courses, so here is the list of courses I plan to take before Summer 2016:


The course was taking Fall 2015 quarter:

MATH 134 Accelerated [Honors] Calculus at the University of Washington (10 quarter credits).

This is the first course from the accelerated sequence which consists of MATH 134, MATH 135 and MATH 136 courses. I should point out here that on a course description it will say that this is a 5 credit class, but actually after the completion of MATH 136 next quarter, I will receive a math minor from the UW. That is exactly 30 quarter credits in total (20 semester credits), which gives 10 quality


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