Theory as Practice/ Art That Engages the Canon


I already outlined the paper. Just need them to be organized into 5 pages. Need 3 bibliographies! Paper must be 12 point font, double spaced, 1” margins, with an annotated bibliography detailing each research source used.
Please use simple (not big words) languages since I am foreigner.
1. Thesis: Jean Michel Basquiat’s artistic style that depicts class and political struggles exemplifie in Gonzalez and Posner’s evaluation on art in America, where the focus of art shifted from the traditional canon to the social commentary that reflected the time period in which the work was created.
2. The works that I selected – Hollywood Africans, Irony of Negro Policeman, Untitled (Prime examples that reflects the art movement described in Facture for Change: US Activist Art Since 1950)
3. Jean Michel Basquiat’s paintings show social issues that deal with race and class. The paintings that I chose to write about shows social commentary about the African American community and the struggles that they have to endure during the Civil Rights Movement.
4. Jennifer Gonzalez & Adrienne Posner explains in their essay that art in America during the 50’s and 60’s depicts social issues such as race, class, sexuality, etc. The main focus on art shifted from the aesthetic, to more of a story. A story that shows the audience a message or meaning.
5. Jennifer Gonzalez & Adrienne Posner’s view on political and social art correlates directly to Jean Michel Basquiat’s paintings because his work shows the hardships of the African American community.
6. Conclusion: Finish

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