The Shawshank Redemption Movie study assignment

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The Shawshank Redemption
Movie study assignment
Write a report about the movie that answers the following questions. Your responses for each of the questions must be written in proper paragraph format. The paragraph should have a topic sentence that directly answers the question and support from the events of the movie that would explain the controlling idea in the topic sentence.
You must avoid re-narrating the story. First answer the questions as explained above and only use those events that would explain the controlling idea. Once you have identified an event, provide a comment or two on how it supports the claim in your topic sentence.
1. Explain the point of view in the movie focusing on how close this method was to the reader.
2. Discuss how this point of view helped in advancing the events of the movie. Give examples from the movie.
3. When the warden visited Andy in his cell for the first time, Andy was reading the Bible. The warden handed him back the Bible and told him a verse from the Bible. What was the verse? Name the literary device used in this event and explain how it was manifested in throughout the movie.
4. Name one of the themes in the movie and explain how this theme was advanced using events from the movie.
5. What was the main conflict in the movie? Explain it using evidence from the events.

You may need to watch the movie one more time to answer these questions. The movie is available at the Calgary public library for you to sign out.

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