The neglect of the electronic newspaper of sexual harassment of street children in Egypt

My topic: The neglect of the electronic newspaper sexual harassment of street children in Egypt

Please ⛔⛔ U.S. style and samples words I am international Student.

Chapter 1 A. Introduction: Tow pages B. Background : One page C. Problem statement: Three pages D. Theory: write your theory . One to Two pages E. Purpose of study: Tow pages Chapter2 A. Literature Review: Al last 25 sources must be academic studies . We need to associate at last HALF a page each one. Explain the source as well as we want them to be historically organized, one by one. 1. Explaining the source means: i. Introducing the writer (who the writer). ii. The title of publication. What does it talk about, how is it related to our topic specifically. iii. And finally, what is the result, the conclusion or the final output. B. Research question: Chapter 3: two page A. Methodology: why is Quantitative or qualitative? What are the tools (focus grope, survey…ect) and explain why? Note: I will send example from my professor that will help you to understand the instruction. Please make sure to follow the instruction and you will see how many pages for each section. Finally Please use the APA style. Would you please use simple words and sentences.p(24)

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