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please write an essay 3 full pages about:
A book must be used for this research ; the Internet my be used only for supplementary information , not for visual information .
Go to the library and find a complate book by one photographer whose work you like . The photographer must be working in black and white photography .
Read the book to find the following :
1. bio Data
Born when , where , does this affect the work ?
Personal influence ( parent who bought the first camara ?)
Personal quirks ?
2. Technical Data
type of equipment used ( 35 mm 1/4 , view camera ) and how it affected the photographer’s work
Any special processes , chemistry , or technology used .
3 . Sociological Data
Era in which the photographer lived : social movement ( i.e. Depression? Nazism ?) ; and how this affected the work political/social context of the time .
4 . The individual’s work
Professional influence ( artist / photographers , art movements ) Fellow artists / photographers , contemporaries, directorial, commercial ?; subjects ( portraits, landscape ?)
Body of work : how much did the photographer do? What was it all about ? Talk about the content .
Achievements : award, fellowships, etc.
5. An analysis of 3 your favorite photos by this photographer : why do you “like” these photos ? ( Is it the subject ? Do you agree with the content ? Do you respect the photographer’s technical expertise ? Is it his sense of composition that you enjoy ?)
Why do these photos work ? Why do they compel us to look at them ? What would you have to do to make photos like these ?

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