The Mineralogy Pre-Lab


Download the Mineralogy Pre-Lab (see attached, below) and complete it based on information you find on the internet (not Wikipedia). Save the completed document and submit it. (20 points)

Mineral Properties Lab – Part I:

You will need the following items:
•Vinegar or lime juice
•Some good music
•Rocks and Minerals Kit: ◦Hand Lens
◦Copper strip
◦Glass streak plate
◦Ceramic streak plate
◦30 mL plastic bottle (for vinegar or juice)
◦Bag of minerals (There should be 18)

Download the Mineral Properties Lab (see attached, below). Read the introduction to minerals, and then begin the lab per the directions and examples. Complete the Mineral Properties Worksheet (see attached, below), save it, and submit it. (20 points)

A note about the Rock and Minerals Kit: Minerals and rocks are regularly raw, unprocessed, naturally-occurring materials and are safe to examine and handle under normal use. You are encouraged to handle these materials with proper caution and in a responsible manner to avoid possible injury or sickness. Handling of these materials should be limited to you, the student; not to be used by children except under strict adult supervision. Please be sure to wash your hands once you have finished handling the materials.


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