The Effect of Classical Music on Memory Recall whilst participating in Online Word Games

Sample experiment:

IV (Independent Variable) – Classical Music in a word game – DV (Dependent Variable)- Memory Recall 

This was decided upon this topic is because music has been shown to increase spatial task performance, also known as the Mozart Effect (Rascher & Shaw, 1993). Although, this increased performance is only temporary lasting 10 – 15 minutes and the researchers had a very small sample size of college students at the time.



The first 5 participants within this dataset were part of the experimental group with Music as the IV and the final 5 after that are from the control group with no music.


We kept the answers as Yes or No.


The exact questions asked were:


1- Please select your age from the following groups:


  • 20-30
  • 30-40
  • 40-50
  • 50+

2: Gender –Male or Female


3: Did you have a long journey to get here today – Yes or No?


4: Did you consume caffeine today prior to this test? Yes or No?


5: Did you sleep well last night? Yes or No?


6: Please rate how you are feeling today, For example, 7 means you feel delighted today with life and and 1 means you feel terrible today etc. The score is rated at a maximum of 7 on a Likert Scale.


Finally, the memory test consisted of a total of 12 words so the memory recall ability is scored at a maximum of 12.

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