The Asian Advantage

** Abstract & Outline (PLEASE MAKE THIS FIRST because I will review it first and will tell you the mistakes of it)
Write the abstract for your paper, with a maximum of 200 words. Provide the references, in correct APA format, for the two (or more) EMPIRICAL ARTICLES and one (or more) review paper or chapter you have found. At least three references are required.
Prepare an outline that illustrates how you will organize your paper, and the content areas that you will cover in your paper.

( PLEASE make sure you break down the reasons why you choose those empirical articles and why are you interested in that)

** Component Three: Paper.
Finally, you will prepare and submit a final paper report on your research. The length of the paper is 8 to 10 pages, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point times-roman font. The length does not include cover page, abstract or references, all of which should be included; nor does the length include any appendices, figures or tables, if you choose to include these. At least three references are required (two empirical articles and one review article or chapter). All aspects of the paper should be prepared in APA format.


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