Term Project

TRVL 4011

Term Project
Assignment 1

Section A.

  1. Choose two different DMO’s or CVB’s. One of the CVB’s should represent a large and well known destination and the other CVB should represent a smaller, secondary destination (Think: Chicago vs. Providence).


Destinations can only be selected on a “first come, first served” basis – there will be no repeat destinations. Your instructor will have a sign-up sheet available through week 2 of this course.


  1. Compare and contrast the two CVB offerings by analyzing each organization’s web site. The following standards should be used in your analysis:


  • Website Design
  • Navigability
  • CRM
  • Technical Compatibility
  • Search Engine Compliance
  • Third Party Technologies
  • E – Commerce & Web Site Advertising
  • Performance Tracking and Measurement
  • Social Media Presence


You will write a comparison / contrast paper highlighting each of the above sections. The length will be determined by the depth in which each section is analyzed – minimum of 5 pages


**This section is worth a maximum of 30 Points toward your total project**


DUE: Dec. 15, 2015







TRVL 4011

Term Project
Assignment 2

Section A. (continued)


  1. Utilizing the standards created in Assignment 1, in a table format, create a list of Strengths and Weakness for each of the CVB sites. What does each Bureau do the best, what are they “OK” with, and where do their websites need improvement?


From the table, grade each of the items listed. 10 points will be assigned the best strength and 1 point will be assigned to the greatest area for improvement.


**This section is worth a maximum of 10 points toward your final project grade**


Use your knowledge about the importance of each of the standards to the success of the DMO’s web site and write a paper discussing the top 2 strengths and top 2 areas of improvement for each destination. Why are they strengths (or weaknesses)? How does this impact a potential visitor? What could be done to improve the website?


**This section is worth a maximum of 20 points toward your final project grade**



DUE: Jan. 26, 2016











TRVL 4011

Term Project
Assignment 3

Section B


  1. Select one destination to represent as a National Sales Manager.


  1. Prepare an elevator sales pitch (3 minutes MAXIMUM – no PowerPoint) introducing the destination to the class. Your presentation should highlight the following information:
  • Area Hotel Accommodations
  • Convention Center Information
  • CVB Services (attendee & client)
  • Transportation information (air, rail, highway)
  • Things to do
  • What sets this destination apart from the competition
  • Any other facts, features, or benefits


**Remember, you are trying to sell the class on why this destination is the best location to host a conference in – you MUST be convincing!**


**This section is worth a maximum of 10 points toward your final project grade**


  1. Create a sales kit and letter of introduction for a prospective client. This prospect is looking to host a large convention in your destination and needs to be convinced that your location is the best location for the meeting – they have 30 or more options on the table. Securing this conference for your destination means major economic impact, lots of hotel room nights, and will help increase the city’s brand! Follow proper letter format, include in it answers to Why, What, How, and Where the ideal places and reasons for this convention to come to your destination are – what makes your destination unique?


**This section is worth a maximum of 10 points toward your final project grade**


DUE: Feb. 16, 2016


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