survey assignment

Conduct a brief survey of at least 30 people regarding an issue or topic of your choice. The survey MUST contain at least 5 questions. In a brief summary paper include the results of your survey, a brief summary of your findings, and offer any conclusions you may have regarding your results. This assignment refers to Chapter 2, Doing Sociological Research.

Example 1. You may want to ask people if they text while driving. That is now illegal in Utah, do your subjects know that? Do they know that recent research indicates they are 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident if the text while behind the wheel? Have they been cited by law enforcement for texting or distracted driving?

Example 2. Do they use drugs of any kind? If so, what kinds (e.g., marijuana, meth, etc)? Do they believe it has an impact on their schoolwork? Etc….

Remember, You may choose any topic you are interested in.

You MUST ask at least 5 (five) questions regarding your topic.

***DO NOT use the bulk mail function within the course to complete this survey assignment using your classmates!! There is limited storage space within the system and that will cause problems. You may survey co-workers, friends, social media sites such as your Facebook page, Survey Monkey, or other social networking sites.

Please submit a summary of your survey including your questions, a description or summary of the responses, and the conclusions you would draw from your survey. Please submit your assignment in .doc(x) or .pdf format as an attachment or you may simply paste your assignment into the text box. Your assignment should be at least 3-4 pages double spaced, and adequately summarize your survey. You may use a simple graphic to summarize your survey and responses.


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