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Defining Key Terms

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For each of the following terms, write an identification answer with several parts:

1. Give a working definition of the term in 2-3 sentences. (This may not be the only possible definition, but it should be a useful one.) You must do more than just restate the textbook’s words or simply copy and paste the authors’ words. At least one of the sentences must be in your own words.

2. Give a 2-3 sentence explanation of the “international significance” of the term. In other words, explain briefly why it would be important to understand this concept if one wanted to understand the world today or understand international studies as a subject. Another option for the significance part: explain why the term may be hard to define, or explain why defining such a term might lead to controversy.

Note: The same answer format will be required on the ID terms quizzes, so this is excellent practice to prepare for them.



nationalist history

progressive history

lessons of History

environmental determinism

environmental possibilism



historical materialism


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