Strategies for working with ELLs.

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Create a chart that lists strategies that are best used with newcomer, beginner, intermediate, and advanced learner levels.

Include the following:
•At least three general strategies that are good to use with any ELLs
•Techniques a classroom teacher can use to assess an ELLs
•Support each strategy and technique listed with peer-reviewed research.

Observe a learning environment that supports ELLs.

Focus on the following during the observation:
•Cultural influences on the classroom environment
•Cultural influences on instructional strategies
•Instructional modifications and assessment adaptations
•Noticeable home and family partnerships as part of the learning environment
•Strategies for newcomer, beginner, intermediate and advanced learner levels that promote student achievement
•Techniques used to assess ELLs
•Specific SDAIE strategies
•Technology used to improve language development

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