Statement for Organizational Awareness

(Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering)
This research paper is where you have to research about Mercedes-Benz company and talk about it on behalf of me, and address each criterion one by one in a methodical fashion and understake research.

1) You should:
-Statement needs to strike a balance between being concise and detailed, should be between 800 – 1000 words in length.
-Use examples to back up what you say
Please watch this video for importance of organisational awareness and what applicants can do to make themselves stand out from the crowd;
-It should be proof read
-UK language
-Spelling and grammar is important
– Annual business plan, biggest risks, risk objectivesYour understanding of – The main customers/service users of your chosen organisation and why it is important to understand their needs.
-You will need to demostrate that you are aware of the current issues affecting your sector and that you are familiar with relevant sources of information to remain up to date with new developments.

2) In order to research for Mecedes-Benz:
1. Checking out the organisation’s website
2. Reading/watching relevant sector publications/programs
3. Keeping up to date with business news via newspapers, websites etc.
4. The objective is to gather information on a company to give an overview of the organisation and the market in which they operate. To be knowledgeable about the organisation and sector you are considering as an employment option: how it functions, the environment it operates in and who its customers are.

3) Increasing your organisational awareness will allow you to make informed decisions about the type of work you wish to secure. By ensuring that your own values and ethics match that of an organisation, you are taking a significant step towards employment which will be motivating and rewarding. Also, employers will be looking for evidence that you understand their organisation, at both application and interview stages. They want applicants who care about what their organisation does, how it does it and who have considered whether they will fit in well.

4) To assess this, employers will ask questions such as:
• Why do you want to enter this industry?
• What do you know about our organisation?
• What are our main products/services?
• What do you think the job you would be doing involves?
• What are the challenges facing our industry at this time?
• What changes have there been in our industry recently?
• Who are our competitors? What are the differences between them and us?
• Who are our clients?
• How do you keep up to date with current issues in the sector?

5) The Organisational Awareness criteria are broken down into 3 sections, and your statement should follow the same structure:
1.How Organisations Work
2. The External Environment
3. Customer Focus within Organisations

6) Every organisation is affected by outside influences and an employer will want you to demonstrate that you appreciate the impact these have. A useful model to use when looking at the external factors which could affect the sector and organisation is the PEST model:
• Political: local, national and international political developments – how will they affect the organisation and in what way/s?
• Economic: what are the main economic issues – both nationally and internationally – that might affect the organisation?
• Social: what are the developing social trends that may impact on how the organisation operates and what will they mean for future planning?
•Technological: changing technology can impact on competitive advantage very quickly!

7)Description of uploads:
I have uploaded two attachments:
Silver and Placemnt (Order Instruction): its basicaly the idea of what should be written. Please focus on slide 14
WSC Silver Handbook FINAL (Order instruction): Its a step by step guide of what to write


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