STA PROJECT #1: Film Review

STA PROJECT #1: Film Review

Part of understanding statistics is understanding the visual components to data. Often it can help the reader fully-comprehend the theory behind the subject and furthermore allow people to properly translate data into a dialogue that influences policy and theory. For this project, you are tasked to watch the video below in order to gain a better view of statistics in

1) Watch the video “The Joy of Stats” provided by the YouTube link below:

2) Within the first paragraph, provide the details of the video production: its title, the year of production, the host, and any other interesting details about the production.

3) In a minimum of 2 paragraphs, discuss the video and make note of the following things and your general responses:
a. Type of statistical methods used (what stuff we’ve learned in Chapter 1-4, etc.)
b. Type of visuals used and its effectiveness.
c. The various topics explained by statistical data in the video.

4) Required length: No fewer than 350 words.
5) The paper MUST be submitted either by .doc, .docx, or .pdf through Blackboard to receive credit.
6) For each day late, the paper will be penalized 20% of one’s possible grade.

Please note that because this is a statistics course, the paper will be graded much heavier on content than flawless grammatical usage. What is more important for students is to submit a paper that thoroughly expresses one’s opinions and ideas over the subject matter, therefore connecting statistics to everyday life.p(2)

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