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Spreadsheet assignment
You are to draw up a specification and house style and then design, build and test a spreadsheet for the task described below:
A comparison website, wishes to have an excel spreadsheet which can be down-loaded from their website which will provide advice as to best mobile phone deals available. The primary purpose system is to allow comparisons of monthly contracts with each other. The spreadsheet should consider
1. The length of the contract
2. The users pattern of usage
3. The monthly cost

Your system should have a graphical display of the different contacts usage against that included in the contract.
In considering your design, you should note:
The tariffs suitable for customers will vary depending on their use of call time, text messages and data services.
The data on currently available tariffs will need to be able to be updated. The final format for tariff data has not been decided so you should suggest an appropriate one, and provide example data that demonstrates that your spreadsheet will be able to be updated as required (note the data you use should be realistic but does not need to be the current data for genuine providers).

You should hand in:
1. Your system as an excel file (*.xlsm)
2. Your printout of a word document including:
a. Your specification of the system (including example customer data and tariff data).
b. Your house style (which should be informed by Tufte’s principles of Graphical Integrity and excellence.)
c. A test schedule.
d. Some detailed test results which should demonstrate the system at least works correctly on the example data (from 1 above)

Your system should demonstrate the following:
1. At least one fully working UserForm
2. Use of cell protection, data validation and conditional formatting.
3. Clear documentation of VBA code
4. Clear and uncluttered layout demonstrating graphical excellence.
5. Appropriate error messages
6. Ability to update the tariff data.
7. Good use of Excels Charts and built-in formula

The other three files here provide you with the beginnings of a spreadsheet.
You should note that they do not work together at present, because the example spreadsheet does not provide the functionality of the specification or follow the house style!

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