Sports,Tourism and Event

Sports,Tourism and Event

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Min 1650 words case study, Min 10 reference

Students will evaluate an event in the form of a case study. Refer to Focus Points 1.1 and 2.1 in the textbook as guides. An analysis should be made of the role of the resource base and critical issues that may influence the sustainability and future development of the event should be considered.

Identify a suitable event
• Select an event with which you are familiar and have knowledge that will help you complete the different sections.
• It will be much easier if information about the event and relevant data is accessible to you.
Event characteristics
• Location – where is it held (on multiple sites?)
• When did it start and what were the objectives of the event?
• Date and duration – when is it held and for how long?
• Scale – the size of the event – has this changed in recent years?
• Stakeholders – who are involved and what are their objectives?
• What is the theme of the event and how is this reflected in the programme of activities
• Factors that have affected development
• Resource base
o Natural and socio-cultural environment
o Human resources
o Financial resources
Visitor Profile
• Source markets
• Types of visitors
o Motivation
o Behaviour
o Needs
• Pattern of visitation
o Duration
o Frequency
• Research
• Promotional activities
Critical issues

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