social science

This critical review is based on a weekly topic of your choice. You must review the readings from one week only. Your review will be 5 pages max and will be worth 15%.
How does Popular Writing relate to Popular culture when trying to understand Africa?
In your critical review you will assess the articles you are reviewing as they relate to the topic at hand. First you will identify the weaknesses and strength of each article on the terms each article has set up for itself. You will then try to identify how each article contributes to the topic we are discussing. Third, you will discuss the essay in relation to the status of the topic within African Studies. You should demonstrate knowledge of the topic as it relates to the scholarly literature, and show how the essay enhanced your understanding of the scholarly debates.

These are the Articles to use
– Alain Richard , “Felix Couchero: Pioneer of Popular Writing in West Africa”, in the book Readings in African Popular Fiction by Stephanie Newell pages 67-70
– Graham Furniss, “Hausa creative in the 1930’s : An exploration in post colonial writing in Readings in African Popular Fiction by Stephanie Newell pages 11-18

-Nici Nelson, “Representations of Men and Women , City and Town in Kenyan Novels in Readings in African Popular Fiction by Stephanie Newell pages 108-116


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