Social Network Analysis

(Please read the following carefully)
1- I need someone expert in Social network analysis.
I have a project, and I will work with the same writer for the whole semester to finish the project. For today, you will write a paper; I have attached the requirements PDF file of the project [[Read from (Paper Reading) title in the PDF file.]] —- ((The information in the file attached is just an example of how it looks like the project)), but I will give you a specific topic to work on for the whole semester=
*** The topic is: Nepal Earthquake Disaster Response (Keywords tracking):

2- This is the requirements of the project:
(Term Project) study human dynamics across social media and social networks and focus on the spatiotemporal modeling of information diffusion and the inter-correlation between online activities and real world human behaviors.

3- As I said before, the work today is only to find a research paper online about my topic I mentioned above (Nepal Earthquake Disaster Response-Keywords tracking-) and the research has to be related to the social media analysis, And make a paper like the attached PDF file, it must includes the following titles (See the example in the PDF file and how the content looks like):

– Research Questions
– Data
– Methods
– Findings
– My Thoughts

* Each title includes brief points like the attached PDF file. As well as include some pictures from the research paper online you will find, like the PDF file.


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