Sexual Relationships between Students and Educators: The Ethical Issues

Case Study Vignette

Case Study Vignette After an affair between Gary Goferit, Ph.D., and Paula had ended, Jettison filed charges against Goferit for sexual harassment and exploitation. She also contacted the local news-papers, which ran the story. She was joined by several other students who claimed that they too had experienced harassment and exploitation by Goferit. Ultimately, Dr. Goferit lost his wife and his job the contemporary popular press relishes stories like this, and even sophisticated academic publications, such as the Chronicle of Higher Education, feature them regularly. We collected dozens of articles from the popular press, several involving mental health and social science educators, from which to adapt our cases. Students also have greater vulnerability than they may appreciate. At the time, some may see their relationship with professors as exciting, possibly even putting them on the fast rungs up the career ladder, only to later find themselves discarded and frozen out.


So for this assignment I will attach the first part of the paper which is the

  1. Title Page
  2. Case Study Analysis Abstract
  3. Detailed Case Study Vignette Description
  4. The Ethical Conflict

What I need for you to do is read the case study Vignette along with the attachment that I have provided. For elements 5 and 6, you will list and define each principle and standard in an organized fashion. You will then emphasize (highlight, bold, or summarize) which principle and standard could be at question in your case study vignette. For element 7, you will make a statement discussing the cultural and social considerations in your case. All cases have considerations of this kind, but they may be less obvious in some case studies. You may also choose to create a hypothetical cultural or social consideration (e.g., What if a language barrier were present in your case study vignette?) for your case if you do not think it has one. For element 9 you will list the eight-step ethical decision-making model and apply the eight-step ethical decision-making model to analyze your case study vignette’s ethical conflict. You will develop an ethical strategy to address the ethical issues you identified in Milestone Three and which you could use to resolve your case’s ethical conflict. After working with the eight-step decision-making model, you will identify an alternative decision-making model to analyze your case study vignette’s ethical conflict. Besides discussing ethical decision-making models to resolve your case study vignette’s ethical conflict, you will also look at additional considerations for the ethical conflict. Address whether or not dual relationships or multiple-role relationships were present in your case study. If they are present, detail their importance in problem solving a dilemma. If they are not present, provide a statement that shows you understand what these standards are and their importance in all psychology disciplines. Expand upon element 7 and explain how you considered diversity issues, social concerns, multicultural considerations, and equality in your problem solving of an ethics dilemma.

Please follow the format highlighted below when doing this assignment.


  1. The APA Code of Ethics Principles
  2. Identify and define all five principles
  3. Highlight, bold, or summarize all that might apply to your case study vignette’s ethical conflict
  4. Justify why highlighted or bolded principles apply to your case study vignette’s ethical conflict
  5. The APA Code of Ethics Standards
  6. List and define all ten standards
  7. Highlight, bold, or summarize all that might apply to your case study vignette’s ethical conflict
  8. Justify why highlighted or bolded standards apply to your case study vignette’s ethical conflict
  9. Statement of Culture and Social Orientations in the Case Study
  10. Statement of Dual Relationships or Multiple Relationship Issues in the Study
  11. The Ethical Decision-Making Model (Eight-Step Model)
  12. An Alternative Decision-Making Model
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