Secondly use of data

The question is ” Critically analyse the issues that arise from using secondary health data in a specific application of the students’ choice”. 

I have chosen the “Research” topic for this essay, and I have a supervision meeting with the supervisor on Wednesday 2/3/216. So, I need a draft on 1/3/2016 including the headings. The supervisor has suggested the following headings :
◦ Data Quality?
◦ Accessibility/technical issues?
◦ Cost efficiency and effectiveness?
Ethical issues:
◦ Demonstrate diversity of ethical standpoints
◦ privacy
◦ Legislation
◦ Anonymisation and Pseudo-anonymisation
So, could you write about these issues and could you add headings that related to the topic.
Finally, the supervisor gave me these instructions as well:
You should also provide a clear justification for the focus of your assignment
◦ Why have you focused on this particular use of secondary health data?
◦ What country will you be focusing on? (i.e. Legislation and Research evidence available)

Important notice: each sentence must be referenced.
Many thanks.


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