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Fashion Business research
Topic: How much would price be an important factor as a variable in the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty?
Fashion Company: Ted Baker
Research area: Customer satisfaction and loyalty
Research Topic
Investigation of the extent to which price can be an important factor in perspective of the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty
Overall Aim
The aim of the research is to explore the conversional concept of customer satisfaction and loyalty at Ted Baker and establish whether it is applicable or not.
In order to achieve the stated aim, the study will first achieve the following objectives:
a) To investigate customers’ response to the price range of the products in Ted Baker
b) To critically explore the relationship between customer loyalty and customer satisfaction on price of the products
c) To identify whether customer satisfaction and loyalty can be determined by price
d) To evaluate whether Ted Baker has well maintained and managed the price for their customers
The hypotheses for the study claims that price determines whether customers will return irrespective of whether they are the loyal or satisfied customers.
In result, if most respondents are sensitive to price at Ted Baker. Then, it is arguable that the conventional concept of customer loyalty should be reviewed.
4. Findings of secondary research – 400 words
Discuss the findings of your secondary research: you are expected to analyse financial and market data collected from various databases by using appropriate techniques and tools and to present the findings effectively by using tables and charts.
Stage 2 – Secondary research
?7. You will conduct secondary research on the chosen company and the sector/market in which it operates. You are expected to use resources and databases available via the UAL e-library. These include: Euromonitor, Datamonitor/Verdict, Mintel, Fame, Kantar etc.
8. You are expected to analyse various financial and market data by using the appropriate techniques and tools and to present the findings effectively when writing this report.
4. Findings of Secondary Research
– Overview of the Market
– Ted Baker Financial Analysis

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