School Leader Feedback

Post one of your evaluation questions and share your ideas for presenting your findings related to this question to at least two different audiences.

The summary that you post should include:

A brief description of the district and context of professional development location

The Expanded Executive Summary of your study (including charts, graphs, etc.)

An attachment that lists any specific areas you are seeking feedback about and other contextual issues the reviewer should know.

Then post your report to the Discussion Board. Next, go to the Discussion Board and read and respond to two other posts. Take on a specific district level role and write a response to your Walden colleagues’ reports.

Your written response to your colleagues’ posts should include:

the district level role you will be assuming when writing your response.

an overall review of the project that:

outlines what you see as strengths and weaknesses in this professional development program.

asks questions for clarification.

identifies implementation concerns you might see if expanding this model to other areas.

makes recommendations on how to improve the program.


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