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The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student with an opportunity to develop a health promotion program and relate strategies of community planning, implementation and evaluation to the community diagnosis identified in Assignment 2. Please note you are not expected to carry out the health promotion program that you develop.
Choose one of the following to complete this assignment:
Based on the community diagnosis you developed in Assignment 2, (a) develop an outline for a program to meet the identified need, including goals and objectives, and (b) compare and contrast the strengths and limitations of two approaches for influencing community change in the direction of health which would be appropriate in developing the proposed program (e.g., behavioral / lifestyle, socio-environmental approach) and which need to be considered in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the program. Discuss the role of the community health nurse related to each of the approaches and in relation to the planned program.
Based on the community diagnosis you developed in Assignment 2, (a) develop an outline for a program to meet the identified need and (b) develop a proposal for obtaining funding for the program. The proposal should include goals and objectives for the proposed program; a description of the target aggregate/group; rationale for the approach to be utilized (e.g., behavioral / lifestyle, socio-environmental approach); a description of the ?players? who will be involved in program planning, implementation and evaluation and their roles: proposed evaluation strategies; and, a budget for the program.


Hello Shaneeza,

Thanks for the assignment. Attached is the marked Assignment 2.To continue success for the next assignment, send me in course mail a clear identification of the aggregate and the community diagnosis for the aggregate that you will use for the final assignment-as indicated by Vollman, Anderson, and McFarlane Canadian Community as Partner (3rd ed.) 2012, p. 280-282 (Issue description-Risk, concern, state includes potential/actual; Focus-Boundaries of the population segment of interest; Etiology-Causal factors; Manifestations-Data that supports the etiological inference-Signs and symptoms) This gives direction for the next step-planning an implementation program. Here is a template for guidance.

Template for Community Diagnosis

Issue description




Risk, concern, state includes potential/actual

Boundaries of the population segment of interest

Causal factors

Data that supports the etiological inference

-Signs and symptoms

Problem Approach Example

Risk of low birthweight

Among pregnant teen women living in the downtown area

Related to

a) inadequate income

b) tobacco use
as manifested by insecure housing, use of the food bank, unemployment rates
as manifested by smoking rates among pregnant teens
Poor nutritional status
Among female seniors in Bridgeland
Related to
a) social isolation
b) inability to obtain food
as manifested by
reports of home care nurses and parish workers
Wellness Approach Example
Opportunity to improve health status
Of adolescent pregnant women in the downtown area
Related to
a) effective parenting
b) smoking cessation
c) stress reduction
As manifested by -maintaining presence at school
-receiving social assistance
-enrolling in the Best Beginning program

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