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Existing Data Sources – what they are and why and how you might use them for your dissertation:

Please start by exploring this site on our Center for Research Quality site. Find out what and how existing data can be used in a dissertation. Since many Walden students are concerned about time to completion, using existing data can speed your work, saving you time collecting data and shortening the time for IRB approval.
Existing Datasets – Academic Guides at Walden University
Often researchers are not aware of the rich amount of existing data to support their research. Within our site we want to support you in your efforts to explore these …
After perusing the first site, please explore at least one of the links on the left side of the page, or as listed below:

When you post in response to this second discussion topic for Summer 2016, please tell your peers what stood out for you, what surprises you, what puzzles you, and/or what you might do about it regarding your own work now or future research, post-graduation.

If you have already finished your proposal or dissertation, you can reflect on your choices or future research agenda in light of these options. A few of you used existing data, and you can analyze your experiences in light of these resources.

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