Scarlet Letter


Select ONE of the topics below. As with your research paper, please follow MLA guidelines, and please use a good proofreader/editor to rid your work of errors before you turn it in to me. Also, be sure to use a minimum of three quotes in your essay. More instructions follow at the bottom of this page.

Discuss the various meanings of the letter A.

Discuss the use of sunlight as a symbol.

Discuss the scaffold as a symbol.

Discuss the use of color as a symbol.

Discuss Pearl as a symbol and as a device to work on the consciences of both Hester and Dimmesdale.

Discuss the figurative meaning of the forest scene.

Trace the deterioration of Chillingworth. What are his two sins, and what are their effects?

To what extent is The Scarlet Letter not ‘about’ Hester Prynne at all? To what extent does she merely catalyze the ‘real’ drama of the dynamic and developing association between the minister and the physician?

Who has the right to judge? Mankind/community or God.

Although a minor character, Mistress Hibbins appears several times in the novel. Discuss her function in the novel.

The letter changes Hester’s life, forcing her to live outside society. How does the letter affect her personality and her views concerning women in society?

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