Samsung:Professional development plan

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Samsung is the Company.  Samsung is having problems with the equipment catching on fire. So training on the production needs to happen. Complete the information for measures and collection points and Time Frame.

  1. Write a professional development plan for the organization based on the information learned in all weeks of this course.
  2. Incorporate the needs analysis, evaluation criteria, and one delivery method for the training program.
  3. The paper must include the following:
    •Needs Analysis
    •Organizational Analysis
    •Team analysis
    •Task analysis
    •Learning objectives outlining what material is covered
    •Appropriate delivery method
    •Delivery methods might include but are not limited to classroom, video conference, conference call, Web-based, or podcasts.
    •The plan must be focused on one delivery method but may combine up to two methods.
    •Evaluation criteria
    •Measures and collection points
    •Expected results quantifying success, failure, and an in-between outcome.

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