RTV Silicone Mold Need mechanical engineer/designer

Design RTV Silicone Mold Need mechanical engineer/designer with experience designing RTV silicone mold for parts to mold in house. We prefer the design in Aluminum for best consistent results. Design in SolidWorks. Must submit editable files.

Designer for silicone mould Need help creating a file for silicone mould design for a small stylized steam diverter. Freelancer must have experience in this field, and speak English fluently.

Silicon Valley Startup Needs Help with Pricing Model I am in the process of building out Traction Hero, a scalable marketing agency in Silicon Valley. Traction Hero will help with every aspect of marketing. We are building Traction Hero department by department to control our growth and start launching to the public sooner rather than later. The first department we are launching is our Swag & Client Gifting department. Our goal is to launch this department next Monday, November 12 in time to help clients with holiday gifts for their customers, employees, and executive teams. We are initially building a catalogue of items that clients can choose from, and I have a very manual process going for the pricing of these items. I can share a spreadsheet with you to show you what I am doing. What I need is more of a system that will be competitive enough. This will allow me to hire someone to handle the pricing of the items based on this system, and it will help my colleague to price out individual swag requests that may not be included in our catalogues. This job is to help me come up with a pricing model that will work for this department, evaluating our costs and profit. This is an urgent job in that I need the work complete by Thursday. I believe it will take 2-6 hours. I am looking for someone who has experience doing startup financials and pricing models.

Needed STP format 3d drawing for silicone mold I need to get a 3d drawing in an STP format for a divider to be made for a stainless-steel lunchbox. The divider will be made from Silicone. I will be able to send the stainless-steel container so that it can be measured properly for the silicone insert. I have attached files below showing the details of the project.

Looking for a creative designer for plush toys / silicone animal toys Lumieworld is looking for talented designers to expand our catalogue of silicone animal night lights and plush sound soother toys. You will be creating animal designs such as the ones attached. We are looking to hire multiple designers and a premium bonus will be awarded to those that submit the best work, as well as a permanent position on our team. You will be designing a silicone cat and dolphin night light (check bear and bunny examples attached). As well as or various plush toy sound soothers (check owl attached). If you feel that you would make a great addition to our team please contact me for an interview.

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